Unique Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

With Christmas only one month away, now’s the time to purchase thoughtful, unique gifts for those you care about. Don’t get stuck scurrying around for what’s left a few days before Christmas – start now to get the best selection and variety. With this list of unique gift ideas, your Christmas shopping will be done in no time!

1. Surprise the hubby

Unique Gift Idea Christmas Holiday Season
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It’s always a challenge trying to find the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Treat your husband this Christmas and give him the unique gift of time as well as comfort with a snow blower! You’ll be providing him with a big boy’s toy while looking after his posture, too; no more hunching over a snow shovel! If you’re short on ideas for papa-bear, this one’s great for dad, too.

2. Practical luxuries

Unique Gift Idea Christmas Holiday Season
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Active families really should have quality, appropriate gear for the best outdoor experiences. Functional, warm and waterproof hiking boots are the ideal practical and unique gift for those you love. They will certainly come in handy for deep snow and cold temperatures this season. Furthermore, they can be used for rainy days and hikes all year round! Other outerwear items like jackets or backpacks also fall into this category.

3. One-of-a-kind photos


At Diamonds in Ice, every gift is special and truly one-of-a-kind. Create unique gifts for friends this season using their most cherished photos. Your friends will be taken aback with your thoughtfulness when they see their special memories printed onto a glass slate perfect for displaying in their home. Our Diamonds in Ice glass products reflect Christmas lights beautifully and this unique gift will surely be the center of attention this holiday season.

4. Memories last a lifetime

Unique Gift Idea Christmas Holiday Season
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Rather than buying material gifts, think about purchasing experiences for your loved ones that they will remember forever. A day at the spa for mom is sure to make her feel special when she can put up her feet and be pampered all day. Your teenage children will think you’re the best when they find a year-long music or film subscription waiting for them under the tree. You could spend some quality time with dad and take him out for a day at the golf course. Moreover, create some time for you and your husband and find a romantic getaway spot for a few quality days away. Use this opportunity to get creative with unique gift experiences based on the interests of those you love.

5. Encourage hobbies

Unique Gift Idea Christmas Holiday Season
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Have your children expressed interest towards learning how to play an instrument? The holiday season is a perfect time to encourage them to pursue these as they will have additional time on their hands to spend on strumming strings. Guitars, keyboards, harmonicas, and woodwind instruments are great to start with and with the many apps out there, they can get a head start on perfecting their technique before you bring a tutor in.

We hope this list of unique gift ideas has sparked the fire for what to get for your friends and family this season. Let us know what you’ve chosen in the comments below.

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