Tips for a Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and giving. Remembering why we are thankful is the key to making it truly special. Keep to your yearly traditions but also add a few new things to the table this Thanksgiving to make your celebration even more meaningful.

1. Take some time to reflect

Tips Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration
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It’s important to remember the origins of Thanksgiving and the reason why we celebrate it each year. This year, challenge everyone in your family to write down the things they are thankful for each day between now and Thanksgiving. Firstly, cut out a stack of colorful leaves and then collect a few bare branches from a tree to place into a tall vase. Finally, once leaves are written on, clip them on to the branches using clothespins to create a beautiful display of gratitude in your home. If you have guests over, encourage them to join in on the activity.

2. Terrific Turkey

Tips Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration
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Thanksgiving isn’t all about the turkey but it sure goes a long way to creating a great atmosphere. Because happy tummies make happy people, be sure to dig out grandma’s best recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner; turkey, gravy, stuffing and vegetables make for a delicious, hearty meal. Best of all, watch the smiles and gratitude of your loved ones grow with every bite of your special meal.

3. Acts of service

Tips Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration
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See if you can’t share your good fortune with others this Thanksgiving. Get your family involved in collecting items for a food shelter our soup kitchen to do your bit to help out. While donating items is fantastic, you could even volunteer some hours to help out – those at the soup kitchen always appreciate extra hands for serving or washing up. Not only will you feel more connected as a family, you’ll also feel more connected to the community.

4. Be good to nature

Tips Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration
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Additionally, a great way to honor nature is to do something for our furry friends. Children can quickly put together feeders by spreading peanut butter on some stale bread and placing small pieces of apple, nuts, and seeds onto the PB. Consequently, delight in the excitement of your children as you watch them place the feeders in the garden for birds and squirrels to enjoy.

5. Remembering others this Thanksgiving

Tips Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration
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It’s easy to get caught up in everyday business, so this Thursday spend some moments to reconnect with family and friends. You can either write postcards, send letters or drawings, or connect online. Your loved ones will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and it will make them feel a little closer to you this Thanksgiving.

Another way to remember others is to think about those who perhaps don’t have their family near. You might have a work colleague, neighbor, or friend whose family is far away this Thanksgiving. Invite them to celebrate with you and your family and see how special this Thanksgiving really becomes both for you and your guest(s).


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When your indoor festivities come to an end, take a family walk outside in the crisp November air. Be grateful for the many gifts of nature. Did you try something new for Thanksgiving this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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