New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

With 2017 only a few days away, many of us are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Since most years we have the tendency to overreach and set ourselves resolutions we can’t keep, try something a little different this year to ensure that you can make new habits stick.

1. Set goals, not resolutions

New Year's Resolutions Actually Keep
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Firstly, shift the focus from the end result to measurable stages along the way. Use the SMART goal technique to make resolutions specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-related. For example, rather than giving yourself a whole year to lose weight (we’ve all heard that one before!), be precise. Be specific in how much you want to lose, by when, and how you will achieve your goals. Measure your progress every few weeks so that you can remain on track and adjust milestones as necessary.

2. Reward yourself

New Year's Resolutions Actually Keep
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Commend yourself for jobs well done to raise your morale and drive to continue pursuing your new year’s resolutions. Therefore, if your resolution is to eat healthily 5 times a week, reward yourself for a job well done after 3 consistent weeks. As a result, treat yourself to an evening at the cinema, a solo coffee date with a good book, a day at the spa, or reward yourself with that new handbag that caught your eye. Most of all, plan for something exciting that acts as an incentive to keep you going.

3. Be generous

New Year's Resolutions Actually Keep
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This year, make a point of remembering loved ones’ birthdays by commemorating that extra candle on their cake with a personalized gift. At Diamonds In Ice, we take precious photo memories and print them onto your choice of glass for unique and meaningful gifts. Not only will your loved ones receive an incredibly thoughtful present, but you will also provide an opportunity for genuine happiness with a gift that keeps on giving. Consequently, watch your own endorphins soar with this consistent act of kindness.

4. Think positively

New Year's Resolutions Actually Keep
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Rather than putting a negative spin on your new year’s resolutions by saying ‘quit smoking,’ or ‘lose weight’ (two of the most popular new year’s resolutions), aim to set a positive tone to your year. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, make your resolution to smoke one less cigarette per day each week. That way, you can measure your progress while congratulating yourself each day for a successful day (and in 10 weeks you’ll be smoke-free!). Similarly, if you want to lose weight, make it your resolution to walk 30 minutes five times a week. This positivity will allow you to measure your progress while maintaining your positive spirit.

5. Focus on the big things and learn to say ‘no’

New Year's Resolutions Actually Keep
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Don’t waste your energy focusing on the little things in life. Rather, prioritize the bulk of your time and efforts to things that make you happy. Not only will this result in your personal well-being, it will also affect the morale of those around you when they see your constructive change in attitude. As a result, learn to say ‘no’ to those things that don’t bring added value to your life.

6. Learn something new

New Year Resolutions Actually Keep
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Always wanted to figure out rock-climbing, learn a new language, or try your talents at knitting? Now’s your chance! Doing something you enjoy and are interested in will activate parts of your brain that promote pride, memory, and well-being. Furthermore, you are sure to learn transferable skills that you will more than certainly be able to apply in your everyday life.

We hope these techniques and ideas help you on your way to achieving your New Year’s Resolutions in 2017. Let us know which ones you will be trying out in the new year!

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