Kitchen Decor Ideas to Try in 2017

With the New Year just around the corner, now’s probably a good time to start thinking about kitchen decor ideas for 2017. This list is packed with ideas from quick and easy touches to complete makeovers that will almost certainly get you excited for an extra touch of splendor.

1. Fridge magnets

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: 3dpete

Deck out your fridge with reminders of your travels! You can learn a lot about people by their travels and your fridge will surely become a popular talking point when you have guests over. Not only will it be nice to reminisce on your adventures every time you pop open the fridge for a tasty snack, it will also add a huge burst of color to the kitchen.

2. Rustic look

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: Sherwood CC

Opt for a visually impacting kitchen by renovating and going for a more rustic look by combining dark wooden cabinets with brass appliances and a marble countertop. While the wood speaks for itself in creating a bold, memorable look, adding detailed lamps and shades will ensure the design speaks volumes.

3. Island bar

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: Bruce Hall

Combine work with play by considering a double-height Island for your kitchen decor. It will be perfect for work and food prep on the shorter side while just right for fun and relaxation with the tall bar on the other end. Furthermore, double up and use the bar height as extra dining space.

4. Functional stools

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: vintage19_something

These natural wooden stools are the perfect accompaniment to your Island bar. The strong wooden legs topped with the sleek wooden 360-degree seat make for just the right accessory for sturdy yet playful tall seating. Not only are these great for short bursts at a time, they also make great dining seats due to the back support. Throw a pillow down for even more comfort.

5. Color contrast

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: Bruce Hall

Contrast provides a balanced visual feel that makes time in the kitchen relaxed and comfortable. If you’ve got darker tones on the walls and floor, try light colored cabinets and decorative items. On the other hand, opt for dark cabinets with light walls and flooring for the opposite. Furthermore, play with different design accents: these retro cabinets above create an inviting and clean atmosphere.

6. Chalkboard madness

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: Personal Creations

A chalkboard as part of your kitchen decor is a definite must-have. Consequently, use it to jot down grocery lists, sweet good-morning notes for the family, holiday greetings, or most noteworthy, ingredients for grandma’s special recipes. This creative space will prove invaluable when testing out recipes or simply for that extra drop of warmth to add to your homey feel.

7. Accent items

kitchen decor idea
Photo credit: Bobbi Bowers

A brightly colored accent wall in the kitchen is a unique and additionally charming decorative statement. It will light up your kitchen while adding a unilateral visual element that will keep you coming back in! For extra charisma without the punch, use accent tiles on the backsplash instead. Use a few large wall tiles on a narrow stretch for a similar, yet more modest effect as compared to the accent wall.

In addition to new ideas, we hope this list inspired you to spice things up with your kitchen decor! Don’t forget to let us know what fresh new looks you’ll be trying out by leaving a comment below.

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