In order to make the most of your Diamonds In Ice Images please follow these simple guidelines.

  1. First, the photo you choose should be clear and crisp. Any photo that is blurry will remain blurry when fused with the glass.
  2. Please upload photos that have the highest quality possible. Please also be aware that depending on your size selected the image size may need to be higher than typical. A photo resolution of 1000px by 1000px or higher is best, however if the image is very large in size and will be made smaller for the final product, it might be possible to use a lower resolution.
  3. If you are taking photos for specifically for one of our products, please set your camera on the highest possible quality. You can refer to your user manual or camera manufacturer to find out how to do this.
  4. If you need to scan your image, please follow these very simple steps.
    • Be sure that your scanner if free of dust, lint and fingerprints. If you clean the scanner screen, use a lint free cloth.
    • Scan the largest photo possible.
    • Scan at the highest resolution that your scanner will allow.

We reserve the right to refuse reproduction of submitted photos at our discretion should they be licensed, copyrighted, or deemed inappropriate for language, content, or material. All photos taken by Professional Photographers or at a Photography Studio must have a letter of written permission for reproduction in accordance with Federal Copyright Laws.

All questions or comments regarding any Diamonds In Ice product or about the quality of your image can be submittedby email to info@diamondsinice.com