DIY Projects to Tackle this Weekend

Last week we shared inventive ways to reduce clutter in your home. Go the extra mile this weekend with these DIY projects that you can tackle in no time. And since it’s the end of daylight savings time in North America, turning your clocks back means you’ll have an EXTRA hour to get things done!

1. Create a tiered tray from old plates and glasses

DIY Projects
Photo credit: Didriks

You no doubt have mismatched and opposite items laying around. Use them to create a home-made tiered centerpiece for sharing cookies, fruits, nuts and kernels. Sticking to one family of materials like porcelain, ceramic, glass, crystal, or metal, works best for one of these DIY projects.

They key to making this work is strong adhesive like E-6000 because anything less risks your creation falling apart. Experiment with selections of large and small plates, cups, bowls, champagne flutes, tea cups, wine glasses, candle sticks, and chalice goblets to give your final piece a quirky flair.

Start by placing a large plate on the bottom. Next, stick a glass or candlestick in the middle with a generous amount of glue. Then, stick a smaller plate on top and repeat until you finally finish off either with a chalice or a tea plate.

2. Get your wardrobe ready for the season

DIY Projects
Photo credit: Torsten Schulz

We are almost all a little guilty of nestling far too many items into an average sized wardrobe. So this weekend, if it seems like a good idea to lay everything out onto the bed and reorganize, it probably is!

  • First of all, set things aside to give away. Too small? Out of fashion? Another black shirt? Non-matching items? Things you haven’t worn in forever? You know what to do.
  • Too thin and therefore inappropriate for the season? Fold them up and put them into clothing cases that can be easily tucked underneath the bed or over the wardrobe while keeping spaces uncluttered.

When placing items back into your wardrobe, arrange similar clothes together. As a result, not only will you feel better about yourself for donating items you no longer wear, but you’ll also have less clutter which will probably make getting dressed in the morning easier. Most noteworthy, when it’s time to refresh your wardrobe for the spring, it will feel like you’ve gone on a huge shopping spree! This is one of those DIY projects that should be tackled each season.

3. Hang flowers on the wall

DIY Projects
Photo credit: Anna Q

Maximize vertical space by moving vases off tables and onto the wall. Pick up three shelving units to install on an accent wall and choose small, short planks.

  • If installing shelves linearly, use wine bottles as vases for single flowers for a unique and modern look.
  • If you’d rather try an asymmetric formation, place a large vase on the middle shelf and candles on the side shelves for a striking yet balanced appearance.

Most of all, let the reins go and think outside the box since using jars, buckets, and even small plants will add color and consequently, atmosphere.

4. Turn your photos into one-of-a-kind coasters

DIY Projects

Get into the spirit of giving by starting at home; create beautiful personalized coasters with Diamonds in Ice. At Diamonds in Ice, we take your cherished photos and print them on glass, creating durable, quality, timeless pieces. Because your table tops are now bare (remember last week?), you can truly highlight family memories with a perfect set of coasters. Proudly display these in the center of your tea table and watch how they become the best accompaniment to every day relaxation. Additionally, make this a family activity by getting everyone involved in selecting photos and ordering the coasters together.

5. Label wicker baskets for winter accessories

DIY Projects
Photo credit: Garry Knight

With the chillier weather coming along, every member of your family will be digging out their scarfs, hats, gloves, coats and ear muffs. Keep the entrance to your home clear by placing a personalized wicker basket by the door for each member of the family. Be inventive and get creative – label the baskets with names while also add things like ribbon, buttons, and felt to create unique designs for each person. There will be no more frantic searching for, what seems like, missing gloves and scarves when leaving in a rush. Furthermore, those colorful messes by the door will disappear.

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Go the extra mile this weekend with these DIY projects that you can tackle in no time. And since it’s the end of daylight savings time in North America, turning your clocks back means you’ll have an EXTRA hour to get things done!

We hope you used the hour gained this weekend to get creative and organized with these easy DIY projects. Let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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