Decorate your home for a New Year get together

If you haven’t planned out your New Year celebration yet, why not throw an impromptu party at your place? With these decoration ideas, you’ll be ready to host the best party of the year!

1. Party props

new year decoration party
Photo credit: gabia party

There’s no better way to remember the New Year than with silly photos with your squad! Firstly, get those celebratory cardboard party props, wigs, and quirky sunglasses out. Then, get everyone involved in your own version of a NYE photo shoot! These photos will make the best memories, and when you’ve chosen your favorite, get it printed on a Diamonds in Ice glass photo print for the best effect to take you through a happy and joyous 2017.

2. Door décor

new year decoration party
Photo credit: Michael Coghlan

Nothing screams New Year better than the numbers 2-0-1-7 hanging from the front door. Not only will everyone know where the party’s at, you can get also super creative with your number decorations by using shimmering colors, stars, ribbon, glitter, and more! Furthermore, add extra decorations like champagne bottles and balloons for a special festive touch.

3. New Year resolution station

new year decoration party
Photo credit: Steven Depolo

Another great idea is to create a resolution station by allocating a corner in your home to house a table, some paper, and pens that your guests can use to fill in their New Year resolutions. Because the New Year is for trying new things, why not create some special ‘Resolution Cards’ yourself? Firstly, decorate black paper with gold and silver shimmer pen to create magical festive note cards for each guest. Then, get ready to commit to some great resolutions in 2017!

4. Memory wall

new year decoration party
Photo credit: Buttermilk.

If one of your New Year resolutions is to be more creative, then get started at your own party! Pick up some chalkboard paint and then, select an accent wall in your home to paint. You could paint the whole wall or a section of it. Finally, put out some colored chalk that guests can use to write down their favorite memory of 2016, their 2017 aspirations, or their most inspirational quote. Especially relevant, make it a positive wall that will bring 2017 in all the more merrily!

5. New fashion luminaires

new year decoration party
Photo credit: Michael Fötsch

Don’t put those Christmas decorations away just yet! Another great way to recycle is to reuse your shiny baubles to create unique luminaire decorations for your special New Year party. Hence, use any shiny baubles – gold, silver and red glitter will work wonders to really add life and depth to any room this New Year. Simply attach them at different heights to the ceiling light fixture using festive ribbon. The asymmetrical design will draw the attention of your guests to create a wondrous and festive mood.

6. New Year garland

new year decoration party
Photo credit: GlitterandFrills

You can’t have a great New Year party without a banner or two. Choose anything simple like ‘Cheers,’ ‘Happy New Year,’ ‘Memories,’ or ‘Dream.’ If you can’t find one in store, make your own by cutting our letters/numbers from card stock and decorating with sequin ribbon. This can be the perfect backdrop for those cardboard party props above.

We hope these New Year party decoration ideas are just what you need to take your party from good to great! What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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