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If you haven’t planned out your New Year celebration yet, why not throw an impromptu party at your place? With these decoration ideas, you’ll be ready to host the best party of the year! 1. Party props There’s no better way to remember the New Year than with silly photos with your squad! Firstly, get […]

If you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destinations, look no further. It seems like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve are the most popular days to get engaged, so your big day might actually be around the corner! Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, this list will help you narrow down your perfect […]

December is here, therefore it’s time to get your Christmas ornaments out! We all have our forever favorites but you can make this year especially meaningful by putting together a few of your own ornaments before Santa comes down the chimney! 1. Scrabble dazzle While simple to make, you can create beautiful ornaments using Scrabble letters. […]

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and giving. Remembering why we are thankful is the key to making it truly special. Keep to your yearly traditions but also add a few new things to the table this Thanksgiving to make your celebration even more meaningful. 1. Take some time to reflect It’s important to remember the […]

Whether you’re setting up for a little boy or girl, your nursery should be as functional as it is magical. Setting up the nursery will be a bonding experience that will definitely help you feel closer to your baby and your growing family. You’ll love looking after your bundle of joy in what will probably become one […]

Taking good photos is not only about the gear you’ve got. You can get some really great shots on your smartphone just by using some of the phone photography tips in this post. 1. Light is key What does photography even mean? Quite literally, ‘photo-graphia’ means ‘light-drawing,’ therefore light is hugely important in capturing images […]

Last week we shared inventive ways to reduce clutter in your home. Go the extra mile this weekend with these DIY projects that you can tackle in no time. And since it’s the end of daylight savings time in North America, turning your clocks back means you’ll have an EXTRA hour to get things done! 1. […]